Zion National Park Weather and Camping 2024

Now that the snow has arrived, we can look towards our camping plans in Utah for the New Year starting April, exploration and traffic into our National Parks also begins to increase including the beloved Zion National Park. As part of our Utah Travel Guide for 2024, we will take you deep into the creaks and corners of Zion National Park and show you the 3rd best national park has to offer in 2024.

Did you know that Zion National Park is the 3rd most visited park in the nation?

National Park Week shows the consensus is that the Fall season and specifically October and November may be the best season to visit Zion National Park, May is seen to many as the perfect month to explore Southern Utah’s cherished national park. Zion National Park offers hikes  including exploration of The Subway in Zion National Park, camping, and opportunities to bike, swim, eat, and enjoy the big screen, along with the beautiful scenery of Zion National Park. 

With over 100 hikes designated in Zion National Park, and incredible views to reward you with, be sure to check the weather and head out on the trail well prepared.

  • Narrows Zion National Park
  • Observation Point Zion National Park
  • Angels Landing Zion National Park

Zion National Park and Weather by Month

It is possible to visit Zion National Park year round and with information regarding the weather and how to prepare for a hike, exploring the Subway in Zion National Park and finding lodging in Zion National Park. Hiking the park in October is an ideal time to be there. 

Zion National Park May Weather

With an average temperature in May is a high of 83 and a low of 52 degrees Fahrenheit (28/11 degrees Celsius) May is fantastic time to visit Zion National Park. The runoff can force closure of some trails but with the weather comfortable, May offers a great time before the weather really starts to heat up.

Zion National Park August Weather

With an average temperature in August is a high of a high of 97, and a low of 66 degrees Fahrenheit (36/19 degrees Celsius) leaving August to be a very hot time to visit Zion National Park, yet great for early hikes in the morning. With a mostly dry park, it makes for great hiking.