X Games Special Olympics Winners and A Historic First

Special Olympics Unified Snowboarding returned to X Games Aspen, alongside the debut of Unified Skiing yesterday. The course was located above the start of the Big Air course at X Games Aspen (Buttermilk Mountain) and Special Olympics Unified Sports® joined people with and without intellectual disabilities on the same team. Sixteen Special Olympics athletes and 16 of the world’s top action sports athletes came together to participate in the event.

Daina Shilts took home 1st place in Special Olympics Unified Snowboarding alongside her partner, two-time Paralympic medalist Mike Schultz.

A Historic First at X Games

This is a historic moment in X-Games as the first time Special Olympics Unified Skiing joins the games. The young and talented Palmer Lyons screamed to the finish line alongside her partner 2014 Olympic slope-style silver medalist Gus Kenworthy to win first.

Special Olympics Unified Snowboarding

1. Mike Schultz and Daina Shilts, 35.76
2. Danny Davis and Dmitrii Tiufiakov, 36.02
3. Jack Mitrani and Henry Meece, 36.04

Special Olympics Unified Skiing

1. Gus Kenworthy and Palmer Lyons 31.23
2. Alex Ferreira and Haldan Pranger, 32.83
3. Sarah Hoefflin and Kohlor Von Eschen, 34.71

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