WOW Air Shuts Down. Remembering The Purple Airline

Unfortunately, for flight attendants of WOW Air,  they can now kick off their heels and relax. Or scramble to find a new job. As it was announced today, that WOW Air suddenly has ceased operations, leaving passengers stranded in multiple countries and across the Atlantic ocean. The travel pandemonium began on Wednesday, March 27th, when WOW Air grounded flights during negotiations with bondholders. The topic was exchanging debt for shares. This bled into Thursday morning, when it was announced that WOW Air had completely ceased operations. Though Skúli Mo­gensen expressed regret for his lack of action, I personally find it hard to believe the billionaire who made his fortune in the Icelandic tech business can’t insure his loyal passengers get home safely.

I booked a flight from Boston to Berlin on WOW Air last February, on my way to to the Berlin Film Festival. While on my flight, I was impressed by the purple lighting and the matching WOW Air Purple outfits. I thought to myself, “why can’t all airlines be this comfortable and this affordable and have this much purple?” It was peaceful, calming, and I had began to grow a loyalty to Wow Air. This loyalty was short lived after today’s announcement, that WOW Air had seized operations.

WOW Air Purple, WOW People

The purple fleet of WOW Air stood out from the crowd. The Icelandic carrier, which had been operating for seven years,  had employed around 1,000 people. And they were fashionably dressed in purple. Well, now those purple uniforms will be history.

WOW Air was founded by Skúli Mo­gensen in 2011. For the last 6 or so years, the company has made a name for itself by offering incredibly low cost airfare across from the US to Europe with a pitstop in Iceland. Their approach was no frills and they made sure to encourage their customers to take advantage of this, by insuring you downloaded a movie to watch and brought snacks and bottled water for you to enjoy. Well, now, all of this history.. R.I.P. WOW Air.

Now, how do I get home from Berlin?


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