Winter Tops for Women to Wear in Utah

Cozy winter tops are a necessity for most of us girls living in Utah. Styles of winter fashion this year include turtleneck dresses, puffy pants, and tons of faux fur but the cozy and comfortable winter tops is a staple for most winter closets in Utah and includes sweaters, turtlenecks and jumpers.

February is a great month to find fantastic sales on some high quality winter sweaters, turtle necks and warm winter clothing to get you through the rest of the winter and early spring season here in Utah. For example, right now at Bloomingdale’s you can get Ralph Lauren’s Puff Sleeve Button Shoulder Top For $52.50. That’s more than 30% off. 

Recommended Winter Tops for 2023

The #1 recommended Cashmere sweater has to be the beautiful, irresistible René Sweater 01 by Janessa Leone. Made in the USA, this classic form-fitting ribbed sweater feels modern yet offers an elegant timeless style. 

The #1 recommended turtleneck sweater is the Everlane Pima Micro-Rib Turtleneck and #1 recommended oversized sweater is the Everlane Alpaca Oversized Turtleneck