What Alexa Enabled Devices to Buy in 2020

By now, most of us have been introduced to Alexa in one form or another. Either at a party or as a gift from the in-laws as a way to stay better connected. Syncing your world together with Alexa and Amazon is becoming more and more seamless with some of the best devices to purchase in 2020 coming from Amazon. As the Alexa platform continues engagement and development of her intelligence including expanding voice tech interaction, Amazon continues to roll out new devices that are compatible with Alexa and new features. 

Amazon recently announced 31 new features for the Alexa voice platform. Voice-enabled apps and voice-enabled experiences, as well as upgrades to the Alexa Conversations are at the forefront of the latest improvements. One unique advancement worth mentioning is the advancement to Alexa’s Presentation Language APL for Audio. Currently in Beta mode, the toolset is designed for App developers with the purpose of creating visually rich stories. 

Download the Alexa App

If you have an Amazon Prime account, the first thing I would suggest for you to do is download the Alexa app. The Alexa App acts as the central hub for your connection between your Alexa enabled devices and you.  It was announced that Amazon is working on a redesign for the Alexa App that will focus on the apps’ core functionality and 3rd party has moved to the more tab under the category “Skills and Games”. With these special upgrades it is clear that Alexa is looking to compete with Siri and Google Assistant. 

The Echo Dot is the Must Purchase Alexa Product of 2020

I absolutely recommend you purchase an Echo Dot. With the Alexa and Echo sync, you can play music, order your favorite delivery, and control your smart home. Yes, there is plenty of room for improvement (mainly concerning the lack of a secondary source of power for the alarm clock) but this device is just all around cool. 

Alexa For Your Home

Smart speakers are just the beginning of Alexa’s abilities to create a smarter home experience. And there are two devices specifically I recommend from Alexa. When it comes to security and advancements within the home, I might suggest taking a look at the following Alexa-enabled devices.

Ring Peephole Cam

The Ring Peephole Camera gives your apartments regular peephole and upgrade with a 1080p HD camera is really fantastic and easy to install. You can talk to visitors via the Alexa platform buy asking Alexa to talk to the person at the front door. 

Echo Show vs. Fire HD

 The Echo Show is limited and the Fire Tablet is another purchase that seems to be a no-brainer. The Fire tablet seems to have twice the better camera, wi-fi capabilities and just overall more options than the Echo Show.

Jennifer Goodman is a journalist and editor of Style Utah, originally from Alpine, Utah, Jennifer is a graduate of University of Utah and currently resides in Denver, Colorado. Jennifer's passion for helping animals in need and her love for nature keeps Jennifer Goodman in balance with her dedication to journalism.

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