Visit Vermont During Fall Season

The beautiful metamorphis of colors within the leaves and foliage of the Vermont landscape during the fall season creates the perfect backdrop to truly experience an American Autumn, and this year, the experts are expecting a promising fall foilage season on the East coast. What makes Vermont such a special place is not just the abundant of maple trees and other types of leafy plants that cover the byways and landscape. It is also the tradition of craftsmanship that has deep roots within Vermont’s rich abundant history.

Apple Picking in September

Apple picking is a Vermont tradition that absolutely must be experienced if you have the opportunity to do so. Local family-owned farms are spread throughout Vermont and offer apple-picking opportunities for visitors to Vermont.

. fallExperience apple picking, sip on delicious craft beer, because Vermont has the largest selection of craft beers per capita in the country.

The Best Vermont Craft Beers

Craft beer comes alive in the colder seasons, and local Vermont celebrates at the finish line of the Vermon Craft Beer Half Marathon. The starting line of the event is in St. Albans and the race runs through the Missisquoi Valley Rail Trail.

Check out our recommendations of tasty Vermont Craft Beer.

  • Hill Farmstead Brewery
  • Four Quarters Brewing
  • The Alchemist
  • Burlington Beer Company

The Vermont Cheese Trail

Vermont has built a reputation for being masters of cheese with an incredible variety of cheese that include selections with milk from cows, sheep, and goats. With over 45 cheesemakers in production, cheese lovers and foodies don’t leave Vermont without tasting some of the incredible varieties available.

Scenic Drives in Vermont

Vermont is a state with a fantastic, rich amount of history.

Winter sports are taken very seriously in Vermont.

Vermont is one of the top producers of U.S. Olympic skiers and riders in the nation.

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