Video Games 2022

The video game industry has reached explosive levels in the last decade and 2022 is going to be a big year for new video games releases and innovation within the market incorporating blockchain technology, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence within the game play. The best video games of 2022 released so far have one thing in common. Gamers can’t get enough of them. From expansive worlds to challenging puzzle play, the video games released this year keep gamers attention and bring a true world of escapism.

Steam Summer Sale 2022 Updates


Summer Sales on PC, Playstation and Xbox Games

With massive sales currently scheduled for game consoles and PC with the Steam Summer Sale and the Playstation Mid-Summer Sale, now is the time to explore the leading titles currently on sale.

Video Games Released in July 2022

Video games release dates for July of 2022 including games for Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch and PC available right here for you to absorb and prepare for. We are constantly updating the schedule for video game releases and July promises nothing but excitement with video game releases.

  • F1 2022 (Released on PC, XSX, PS5, PS4, and XBO) – June 28th – Any fan of F1 racing games is waiting for this release. With 8 super cars and 2 safety cars, this game hopefully will live up to expectations.