The Fall Winter 2022 season here in Utah as we closed the door on Halloween and the warmer seasons and begin bundling up with the holiday season right around the corner. Beyond the styles and fashions of the Autumn season, Trending news from across the state of Utah including the most recent polls from local districts in the midterm elections, the latest in Utah Jazz news and all the other great sports news, entertainment news from Hollywood and global news from across the world.

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At Style Utah we deliver real time news coverage of major events on the global stage and our lifestyle coverage of your favorite celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Harry Styles, and more. 

Utah Winter 2022 Trending News

Explore the best trending news of November 2022 and prepare for the holiday season in style. The climate is all political this November with the midterm elections in full force.

Explore all Utah has to offer including the outdoors, and all the adventures that await you across this beautiful state with the travel guide for 2022 and our travel tips, resources and updates on Utah tours and vacation packages, experiences, and fun family activities alongside the latest news coverage of local Utah. Explore all the beauty Utah has to offer from Utah’s Mighty Five to the greatest snow on earth.

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Check out the Utah Style Guide for 2022 and connect with the leading influencers in Style and Fashion.