Utah Winter 2022

The winter season is among us and cozying up with your warm cup of coffee as the early snow falls lightly outside, sit back and relax while we explore the best trends of 2022 from the fashion world and shopping trends to the latest and greatest in music, movies and sports. 

Balenciaga shoes to what’s going in the NBA, the Lakers are dominating in search. Kim Kardashian, with her love for all things Balenciaga, recently in her red workout wear to the cool blue balenciaga winter dress, the winter colors, the dresses, fashion brands and Kendal Jenner’s birthday party. For all the latest Kim Kardashian news, pictures, and the latest trends from Winter 2022 here in Utah and within the digital world, Kim Kardashian 2022, Kim Kardashian Photo, Kim Kardashian Family, 

Celebrity Winter Fashion 2022

Celebrities from Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, Elon Musk, and Kim Kardashian as well as the latest in celebrity lifestyle, the latest celebrity news with Style Utah 

As the midterm elections on November 8, 2022, with over 1,200 candidates run for nearly 500 seats in the House of Representatives and US Senate. Here in Utah the 2022 mid term elections are here and as the political world is setting up to move full force this week with the midterms raising questions and concerns around the economy including unemployment and wages. Midterms 2022 and the elections and trends from Elon Musk and Twitter to your guide to the Midterms explained. As trust in the election process reaches record lows, what we are battling is democracy as we know it. Issues of democracy and calling US elections, and the media’s role in this are all center issues.