Utah Politics Today

Political today in America, our local Utah communities and the polarization throughout  the world of American politics.Imagine a world of politics where we align with our social values as Americans. Polarization is something that we must fight against. So let’s discuss political polarization. 

Utah politics, policies and political news in 2022 with Style Utah and our look at the recent Midterm Election results and state of political affairs locally here in Utah and across the nation as well as geo-political news from the global stage. It’s a busy day in government as Trump announces his plans for re-election and across the world, we see developments with our post-covid world. 

We take a look at our local Utah politics with new changes within the Utah legislature. 

In Utah we have Senator Mike Lee and Senator Mitt Romney, as well as four republican representatives who received landslide victories in this year’s midterm elections here in Utah.

Midterm Elections 2022 News

Political news including the most recent updates from the midterm elections in 2022. Beyond Utah, looking further out, we see