Utah County Plans Blockchain Mobile Voting for Disabled Voters

Utah County continues to take the lead nationally with it’s confidence in blockchain technology, making history by becoming the offering mobile voting to voters with disabilities who are registered in Utah County. Utah County expanded it’s mobile voting for the November general elections, by broadening eligibility to include the disabled community. Disabled voters will have the ability to vote directly from their mobile phone in the upcoming upcoming municipal general elections taking place in November. This event makes history by marking the first time mobile voting will be offered to U.S. citizens other than military and overseas voters.

“This is the first election where we are expanding mobile voting for the disability community and providing them the option to vote from their mobile device,” said Bradley Tusk, founder and CEO of Tusk Philanthropies. “We are making voting accessible to new communities, increasing voter turnout, conducting new pilots and auditing that each election to ensure that votes cast over the blockchain are recorded accurately.”

The Benefits for Disabled Voters

Designed as a continued collaboration between the Utah County Elections Division, Voatz, Tusk Philanthropies and the National Cybersecurity Center, the November voting gives eligible voters the ability to participate in the upcoming election regardless of if they are able to make it to a physical location by opting in to vote electronically on their smartphones from their home or where ever they are currently physically located at.

A Follow-Up to Early Blockchain Implementations

For Utah County, this implementation comes as a follow-up expansion riding on the success of their latest blockchain technology implementation for military and overseas voters.The county partnered with Tusk Philanthropies back in July and Utah County became the third jurisdiction in the U.S. to offer mobile voting in their future municipal primary elections.

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