Utah Jazz NFTs and the Virtual Locker Room

Let’s take a moment out of our NFT day to talk about the ingenious move by the Utah Jazz when introducing an NFT experience to the sports community unlike any created by a professional sports team before.  It was a historic moment on September 7th when the Utah Jazz launched their first round of NFTs, selling out of the collection in a matter of 90 minutes and leaving fans wondering what the hell an NFT is before even having an opportunity to participate in the exchange.

It appears Utah Jazz fans are paying attention now. This first of a kind NFT is a historic experience granting fans access to a virtual locker room to hang out wit the Utah Jazz. This is an experience that anyone who is a die hard Utah Jazz fan, fan of the NBA and has an appreciation for the digital and the pioneering spirit of the potential and value in the NFT can enjoy.

Utah Jazz NFTs For Sale

The release of the Utah Jazz NFTs were first announced on August 2nd with the historic first in the land of NFTs and the two tiers introduced. Five days later, history was created. The day began with the Utah Jazz introducing two tiers at 10:00 am. JAZZ XR Tier 1 included an Oculus headset and JAZZ XR Tier 2 were both released on September 7th. XR stands for Experience Reality and the Experience that the Utah Jazz had planned were sold on Rarible.

What is the MetaVerse?

The Metaverse is a shared. Collaborative group of 3d virtual reality worlds immersive and interactive by design. It seems most likely many Utah Jazz fans are asking what the MetaVerse is and why did the Utah Jazz decide to attempt to bring fans into it. And also, do they need an NFT to get into the next Utah Jazz game? First, you do not need an NFT to get into future Utah Jazz games. But you will need one to get into the virtual locker room with the Utah Jazz and for many this is something exceptional indeed.

Enter the Utah Jazz Virtual Locker Room

This first of a kind virtual experience was brought together by virtual reality artist Michael Potts working together with Riley Demps, lead NFT Project Manager and contemporary artist Krista Kim lead the assist.