Trump Arrives in Wisconsin Alongside Record COVID-19 Cases

Janesville Wisconsin – Earlier this afternoon President Donald Trump arrived in Janesville, Wisconsin. Trump’s plan to visit Janesville Wisconsin is in hopes of encouraging voters to vote for Trump in the Presidential re-election bid for 2020. Donald Trump won Wisconsin’s vote in 2016 and is in dire need of a repeat. As the President arrived, Trump was welcomed by loyal supporters in Wisconsin who cheered the President as he began by speaking of his massive crowds. He immediately followed up with rhetoric regarding his notice of Wisconsin specialty milk products such as hazelnut, with claims of how he rescued Wisconsin from Canadian tariffs that were plaguing the State of Wisconsin. The problem is the increased tariffs that are currently in place against the local farmers from China in retaliation to Trump’s strict tariffs which led to an unfortunate series of events following Trump’s win for the office and Wisconsin loss of 10% of it’s dairy farmers in 2019.

It’s important for Trump to win Wisconsin. Well, it could help him in his re-election. Wisconsin is technically a swing state and for Donald Trump, a win in Wisconsin would equal an additional much needed points to his tally. And what perfect timing this is for Trump and the Republican party. The State of Wisconsin recently reported record high COVID-19 cases.

Wisconsin’s Specialty Milk?

Trump is referring to the Specialty Milk tariffs that are and were on place in 2018 for milk exportation from Wisconsin.  And Trump seemed to have made matters worse for Wisconsin farmers when he created a trade war with China and China raised the tariffs on milk.

And then President Trump followed this up with insults about election nominee Joe Biden.  Then President Trump talks of how we have been having great success with early voting, how he is winning and the red wave.. and we need to get out and vote. And now

Law Enforcement Supports Donald Trump

What else is new Donald. This is a familiar subject that we are all aware of. Yet, as a Republican, I want to know what truly Republican approaches are you going to make.

What Happened to Savannah Guthrie?

The Democratic Run?

And then about 8 minutes in, Donald Trumps speech went mute. As if he was talking to his own staff, because the disconnection between Trump and the American people was clear. He mentions the 118 Seattle police officers who are leaving ahead of the massive layoffs taking place in Seattle.

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