Trending Topics for 2023

Trending topics taking over the internet at the beginning of this year including the top trending fashions for 2023 as Style Utah kicks off the New Year. Winter jackets for women from Zara, trending styles from the boots to the beanies and hats that are at the top winter fashion trends for 2023.

Winter Fashion Trends 2023

We have the latest from the sports world and technology as well including what was revealed in Las Vegas at the eagerly awaited CES 2023 that kicked off with Samsung, Sony and LG bringing excitement in the world of TV and entertainment.

In 2022, money, the stock market and investing might have taken up much of the headlines but here at Style Utah we were focused in on the trends in winter wear, the trends of the world including pop culture trends from Kim Kardashian, Ye, and Taylor Swift to the holiday month being swamped by political and technological battles currently taking place. The final months of 2022 we felt the embroiled love in politics and money and there was no escaping it in the headlines.