Tom Cruise Top Gun and Comic Con

In San Diego, California Tom Cruise surprised fans by dropping in for a special appearance at the 2019 Comic Con to promote the upcoming reboot of Top Gun with Top Gun: Maverick. Tom Cruise will play the role of a flight instructor in the movie. The film will also star Jennifer Connely, John Hamm, Val Kilmer will return, and Miles Teller will play Goose’s son. Top Gun: Maverick will be directed by Joe Kosinski.

Tom Cruise Introduces the Top Gun: Maverick trailer

It was a busy day for fans of 80’s cinema at Comic Con. Many of us at Comic Con had an inkling Tom Cruise might show up at Comic Con, but Paramount Pictures went full throttle and did a sneak attack by having Tom Cruise drop in on the new Terminator: Dark Fate panel.

You can check out the trailer for Top Gun: Maverick below.

San Diego, The Home of Top Gun

It makes sense for Top Gun to have a presence at San Diego Comic Con. The original, (and most likely the reboot) took place at the Naval Base in San Diego, and many of the epic shots from the original were set along the California coastline including the famous scenes where Tom and Kelly McGillis ride on Maverick’s motorcycle and then at some point make love. Oh, how I miss 80’s romance.

Top Gun: Maverick is scheduled for release in 2020.

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