The World of Hyatt At Sundance Film Festival

During the Sundance Film Festival this year, The World of Hyatt was kind enough to invite us into their eclectic space where travelers to Park City, Utah for the Sundance Film Festival could relax and unwind in an art inspired lounge where Hyatt hospitality reigned supreme. 

With a down to earth approach keeping rhythm with the natural essence of the Rocky Mountains, The World of Hyatt stayed close to the elements of nature like herbs and plants that connect us to the land we live in here in Utah. 

Hospitality With a Sundance Touch

Upon walking into The World of Hyatt at Sundance you were approached by welcoming hosts who greeted you with warm smiles and offered one of their complementary mocktails referred to as a Robinson. These delicious non-alcoholic drinks came in two flavors. One flavor with Blood Orange, Grapefruit, Vanilla Syrup, Lime, and Lyre’s Classico 0% wine or another mocktail with Raspberry & Jalapeno Shrub topped with club soda. 

With our drink in hand we moved deeper into the space cozying up with guests listening to a DJ who would sometimes pull out a trumpet and improvise over the grooves. Flipping through the pages of a coffee table book full of American Ads from the 70’s or one full of Banksy art, the environment signified the sophistication of American art and design. 

A dedicated space was given to L.A.-based artist Upendo at the World of Hyatt. Guests could watch the talent at work creating his next master piece and gain inspiration from the artwork on the walls surrounding the space.

The World of Hyatt planned a full day of activities to keep guests in the space entertained and inspired. Mornings started off with an event called the “Be More Grounded” experience, featuring guided meditation and journaling opportunities with Dora Kamau. This was followed by the “Be More Inspired” and “Be More Present” events offering guests an opportunity to let their creative mind flow with free form art classes from the artist Upendo and to become more connected with the senses through a perfume making class with Utah-based scents guided by perfumer Jess Mennella.

The World of Hyatt also hosted film panel discussions with Sundance Festival filmmakers.

The location of World of Hyatt at Sundance was at 440 Main St.