The Summer Trends Heating Up

Discover tons of great inspiration with Style Utah’s look into the trends in fashion and street style for Summer 2017. Fashion sales might have slumped in July, (worse slump since 09′) yet the spirit and creativity for Summer is in full swing. Let’s take a look at what is hot in 2017 for fashion and beauty.

80’s Everything

The fashion and style of the 80’s has returned in full swing. With chic 80’s fashion taking the lead from the trends of “Stranger Things” and the sudden rise in hair bangs and high tops. Yes, this is just like “Hot Tub Time Machine”.

Genderless Fashion

All the rage is genderless fashion. This is shown in the search results. Consumers are searching for clothing that blend the lines with men searching for “womens” shirts and visa versa with the ladies.  More then a trend, genderless fashion is making it’s way across multiple fashion platforms.


Chiq Hats For Summer Shade

As the relaxed, clean simple girl draws shade from the sun, chiq summer hats offer coolness of many shapes.

Millennial Pink

We’ve seen it everywhere since the beginning of Summer. She’s humble, she’s chill, she’s Millie.


Embracing Your Inner Goddess

There is genderless fashion, and then there is fashion that breaks the norm by embracing the different. This is Goddess Fashion.

Trending Prints

Floral prints are trending hard. In color. Think LOUD BRIGHT COLOR. With funky animals and comic-suggestive themes making a huge impact in the fashion industry in Spring leading into Summer 2017.

Trending In Music

Justin Beiber has ruled the airwaves this Summer, especially with his smash hit “Despacito”. Our preference has been Halsey’s “Now or Never”.

Ava Brennan hails from beautiful Lake Tahoe, California and graduated from Cal-State Chico in 2016. She writes about film, fashion, design and trends in beauty and women's health. Ava also has a great love for all things music related and strives to bring new music to listeners world wide through dynamic, exciting content.

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