The Netflix Aftermath Twilight Connection

The new horror movie on Netflix that everyone is on edge talking about is the scary crime thriller Aftermath. Streamers have been eating up the Netflix summer catalog in 2021 and a horror movie based on a true story in the suburbs of America is appealing to the Netflix audience. Something else that is very appealing to the audience is a Twilight connection and Aftermath most certainly does have a Twilight connection.

Aftermath stars Ashley Greene and Shawn Ashmore as Natalie Dadlich and Kevin Dadlich, a young couple struggling to keep a marriage together. when offered a real estate deal dream home to fix their marriage, the deal is too hard to pass up for the young ambitious couple with hopes of keeping their marriage afloat. Little does the couple know, the house comes with a dark history and not everything is comfortable with their new dream home.

As the couple works on their relationship tarnished and plagued by infidelity, Natalie and Kevin decide to take a risk by purchasing the haunted house. Hey, what could go wrong? Aftermath is directed by Peter Winther and the screenplay was written by Dakota Gorman and Peter Winther.

Aftermath is Based on a True Story

Aftermath is based on the real-life events of San Diego couple Jerry Rice and Janice Ruhter. The sinister story of this couple is similar to the events of Aftermath yet the move holds its own twists and involves some character development.

Sorry Netflix fans, no spoilers here. There are no details about how haunted the actual house was and what happens to the innocent couple who just wants to find a house to call their home and work on their marriage.

The Cast of Netflix Aftermath 

The casting director (Jessica Sherman) and the production team did a stellar job in casting Aftermath. The chemistry between the characters is frustrating and authentic for a horror movie and the potential star power is evident in the actors selected in the lead roles.

The Twilight Connection is in The Aftermath Cast

Ashley Greene plays the character of Natalie Dadlich in Aftermath. Yet her powers are much more stronger than just having an ambition for technology. And here is where lies our Twilight connection, Ashley Greene also stars as Alice Cullen in all five Twilight movies. As the wife of Jasper Hale, the character of Alice Cullen was kind of an important part of the sage that never really was revealed to it’s most sincere form in the movies.

The life of Alice Cullen was not an easy one. Born in 1901 she was institutionalized in a mental institute by her own family and while stuck in the institution she was turned into a vampire by some unknown being. Ugh, so not fair. Yet Alice happens to also have special precognitive powers that give her the ability to see into the future. Unfortunately actors can’t take their past characters powers into the characters of a future film, because Natalie Dadlich who is Ashley Greene’s character in Aftermath could have used some of that Precognitive Ability.