The Music Behind The Art of Zinovy Shersher

The art of Zinovy Shersher has been named “Traditional Modernism” by his collectors. I absolutely adore his artwork. And I had an opportunity to sit down personally with Zinovy Shersher at his home in Los Angeles, California. We played some music and celebrated his work in conversation.

Ava Brennan: How did you begin as an artist and how did you’re story go, coming to the U.S?

Zinovy Shersher: My journey as an artist began when I was only about 3 years old. My father drew me an apple with a regular pencil. In front of my eyes, that line drawing started to get shape, shadows, highlights, and in a matter of a few minutes it became alive! Since then, I started to draw and paint with everything I had in front of me. At the age of 7, my parents brought me to the art school, and then a year later, to music school for violin class. It was not a surprise that after my schooling as a child, I went on to graduate from Kursk State University as a Master of Art, and a couple of years later as a Master of Music from the music college in the city of Kursk.


After emigrating to the United States, to New York, I started visiting the galleries and I was amazed by the variety of different schools and styles, with a firework of colors, styles, and techniques! I knew then, that I have to find my own style and themes in my paintings.

Ava: You are also a composer of music. Please tell me more about how music inspires your art and visa versa.

Zinovy Shersher: Yes, my art and music inspire each other. That’s why the main themes in my paintings are Music and Love. At the same time, my music is almost always is inspired by my art. My diploma paintings on graduation were 4 portraits of composers with their opera motives in backgrounds. The whole series of my paintings its musicians or just instruments. They sing, they play or they rest after a performance. I want people to hear the music come alive in my paintings.
Once, during my exhibition in Singapore, two ladies did come to me and one of them said: “We do hear the music in your paintings! And this music is beautiful!” What they said made me feel wonderful!

Ava: What is your style of art now and where do you gain inspiration from?

Zinovy Shersher:After years many art dealers and art critics gave my style a name” Traditional Modernist”. Actually, it’s true since on my main line of art I create my modern, stylised images with traditional techniques we learned from masters. Sometimes putting layer after layer, which creates depth in a painting. Back in school years, visiting Museums or sometimes they wanted us to copy some paintings from masters, I was amazed by some modern artists like Braque, Picasso (his blue period, Modigliani and other modern and Avantgarde artists. That’s why on many paintings of mine you can find some elements of cubism, later abstract art. Sometimes the material I chose – oil pastel, for example, dictates different approach or style. And of course, we always pick up inspiration in life, what we see or hear around us. I create my paintings the same way I create music – from the feeling and imagination.

Ava: You recently had a couple of exhibits? Tell me about your latest exhibit?

Zinovy Shersher: This exhibit was the most versatile: from my traditional work to abstracts. Mostly everything I created lately, in the last year. And quite a few limited editions which we produce a lot with my over 20 years old friends, Harmony Color. They are not only the best giclee printers and framers but are also partners in creation and variations of many different mixed media projects of mine. Together we find even different colors and harmonies of some of my prints on canvas. They are the best, I appreciate that very much and looking forward to many new projects.


Ava: What would you like to do next with your artwork?

I have tons of plans to continue to work on my new ideas with my main themes, but maybe to find different colors and forms. Also to find different styles and techniques in abstracts. Even though my collectors recognize my brush and styles in abstract paintings, I want to find more freedom in the styles, colors, and technics. It’s such an endless field! My collectors are all over the world, so I have to work hard not to disappoint them.

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Ava Brennan hails from beautiful Lake Tahoe, California and graduated from Cal-State Chico in 2016. She writes about film, fashion, design and trends in beauty and women's health. Ava also has a great love for all things music related and strives to bring new music to listeners world wide through dynamic, exciting content.

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