SXSW 2022 Cheetos to Doodles and the Best Activations

Fresh activations at the 2022 SXSW offered badge holders and attendees a look into the future of where brands are taking their products and how potential customers and the already loyally devoted can engage and connect with brands in a plethora of new innovated ways in the digital age. Now that the massive festival combining music, film, art and technology returns to in-person events after a two year hiatus caused by the pandemic, this year’s SXSW and the brands involved implemented activations unique to 2022. From NFTs to Virtual Reality,  and tons of free stuff, here are the best activations of 2022 South by Southwest Festival.

Cheetos Hands Free House at SXSW

One of the most clever activations at this year’s SXSW was the Cheetos Hands-Free House. The Hands-Free House opened it’s doors to the public at SXSW and offered fans of Cheetos a look at how advancements in innovative technologies are particularly helpful for Cheetos® fans and those who rock the iconic orange dust that most munchers can’t escape getting on their fingertips, aptly named Cheetle® the iconic badge of savory honor we all know too well.

Cheetos Hands-Free House at SXSW

Gaining entry into the Cheetos Hands-Free house, visitors are welcomed by workers in lab coats and clever dialogue regarding the future of hands-free technology to that cheesy issues before hands are scanned and doors are opened heading into the living room to see how Alexa devices help you enjoy your Cheetos hands-free. Inside Chesters room, visitors were given a glimpse into how the famous celebrity cheetah relaxes and chills out after a hard day on set. And finally visitors are led out into a fair park where one can enjoy the best of Cheetos mixed with a variety of different foods and flavors. The activation ran from March 15th through the 18th.

Porsche Unseen 

Porsche arrived at SXSW to offer fans of the iconic luxury auto brand a glimpse inside the design process behind the legendary sports cars. Under the motto “A Creator’s Mind”, Porsche took over a section of Congress Ave. and 4th Street in Austin, Texas with a custom-built Porsche space created to reveal the secret sketchpad of its design department, shining a light on the “Porsche Unseen” studies. 

This curated portfolio included design sketches and completed studies for the auto enthusiasts, inspiring designer or expert looking to see the latest and the historical greatest of the Porsche line.

Doodles, Peacock and Slack Pop Color at SXSW

As one might find at Coachella or Sundance, with any large branded festival, a few of the activations at SXSW came loud with colorful fun activations. One of the biggest hits of this year was the Doodles SXSW activation. You couldn’t help but love the numbing feeling of Doodles overload as you are lead into a wonderland of pastels and rainbow pukes, and chomped down on some Doodles Noodles.

SXSW Badge Holders Relaxing at the Slack HQ Lounge

Doodles weren’t the only ones banking on a fun place to party, over at the Slack Digital at SXSW the party was chill to the max all designed to remind us that we can still have fun and play at work with 3D scenes and a “Work from Anywhere” Lounge offering free fast internet for creators needing to get some work done while at SXSW.

NBC Peacock Playground at SXSW

Guests who visited the massive Peacock Playground were immerse in the colorful world of Peacock! This included gamified moments from themed NBC content like a ‘BEL-AIR’ basketball court and a ‘Bust Down’ Merry-Go-Round, plus guests were given the opportunity to make a GIRLS5EVA music video.