Supporting Small Business Saturday in Utah

Supporting small businesses the following Saturday after Thanksgiving is a new era tradition deemed as Small Business Saturday®. This year small businesses have been pushed to increase sales online due to the pandemic and many have had to reevaluate their business model. Many of the small businesses that you love may be struggling and this why in 2020 small businesses need more support and dedicated purchasing from local customers as many have been forced to close or to function at limited capacity.

In Utah, Small Business Saturday comes in many different forms, as unique as each individual business that offers products and services here. Maybe you have a cousin that has a cleaning business, or a friend starting an HVAC service. Small Business Saturday is the perfect day to reach out and support the friends and people close to us in the local community by buying locally. Small gestures can add up and if we all do just a little bit, it can have a big difference.

Local Utah Retailers and The Pandemic

Local retailers in downtown areas were especially hit hard this year. The origins of Small Business Saturday are in the idea of supporting the businesses in our downtowns, Main Streets, and usually in a different part of town than the Big Box Stores. The idea of Small Business Saturday® was formed by American Express to encourage people to Shop Small and bring more holiday shopping to small businesses.

Buy in Utah this Saturday

The Utah Governors Office of Economic Development  put together the Buy in Utah grants to support local businesses negatively impacted by the pandemic.

Shop Small Virtually This Year

Shop locally online as many of the small businesses in Utah move towards e-commerce for their products and services.

Jennifer Goodman is a journalist and editor of Style Utah, originally from Alpine, Utah, Jennifer is a graduate of University of Utah and currently resides in Denver, Colorado. Jennifer's passion for helping animals in need and her love for nature keeps Jennifer Goodman in balance with her dedication to journalism.

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