Stitch Fix Artificial Intelligence In Fashion

Stitch Fix is a subscription clothing service that has gained some serious attention and notice recently in both the fashion and business industries. Stitch Fix shares surged more then 60% from its November IPO price. That is insane growth for a subscription based apparel company. Established in 2011, Stitch Fix is an apparel company that is known for predicting what customers want by using sophisticated algorithms and a unique collaboration between human stylists and the Stitch Fix artificial intelligence (AI). The collaboration results in Stitch Fix sending you a selection of outfits, catered to your individual style and it’s delivered right to your residency or place of business. Pure convenience.

Make Your Wardrobe Personalized To You With Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix AI creates an efficient way for the human stylists to analyze data including body measurements, trending styles, and customers feedback and then this information is given to the human stylists who selects outfits and recommendations to the customers. Stitch Fix keeps the customers budget in mind when selecting the apparel and the customer can return any item of clothing they aren’t feeling.

This AI technology also puts Stitch Fix at a competitive advantage in the fashion industry by increasing satisfaction and lowering return rates of items shipped out. The algorithm and AI helps Stitch Fix know the client’s personal interests and even has the ability to track important life changes such as graduations, job relocation or divorce.

Stitch Fix recently brought on Deirdre Findlay as its chief marketing officer. Before moving to Stitch Fix, Deirdre oversaw marketing for Google’s home hardware products, including Google Home, Chromecast, and Google WiFi.

Stitch Fix Announces New Children’s Line

Stitch Fix announced the launch of a children’s line, Stick Fix Kids. This is timed perfectly for back-to-school in 2018. Stitch Fix will focus on targeting the market of children ages 2-14, Stitch Fix Kids allows parents to sign up a child on their account.

Learn more about Stitch Fix by visiting their website today.

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