Smart Homes Preparation in 2020

Recently I received a text from my mother in Seattle, informing me she she wanted to upgrade her home to a smart home and wanted to know how to do this. Apparently she had been researching online or maybe shopping on Amazon, either way my mother is very curious and in 2020, there has been an expansion of interest in smart home devices as Americans have been given ample amount of time to search the internet regarding ways to easily upgrade their homes during the pandemic. Smart home potential is massive and now planning future smart home upgrades is simplified with Style Utah’s guide to smart home automation in 2020. From creature comforts like controlling home lighting to advanced security, the options are beginning to seem endless on ways to improve your living with the integration of smart home devices, and it all begins with proper preparation and planning.

Preparing Your Home for Smart Home

When preparing for smart home advancements it is important to understand your needs and to evaluate your local infrastructure to insure you are capable of reaching your smart home goals. The first thing to consider is your wifi capabilities. Wifi is key to bringing your smart home technology to life so if you live in rural Utah, this is something you are going to want to keep in mind. You are going to need wifi in your home in order to communicate with and control your smart home devices.

Strong Wifi Signal

Having a strong wifi signal throughout your entire home property, a signal that reaches parts of your home such as your garage or outdoor lighting areas is something to factor in as well. Ideally, you are going to want a nice, strong wifi signal from a high speed internet provider. If you live in an apartment or a single story home, investing in an updated router should be fine to guarantee the strongest signal possible. However, if you live in a large home with two or more stories, I might suggest looking into a “mesh” network that expands across a larger area by utilizing satellite points.

Powering Your Smart Home Devices

The next thing you will want to consider is how you are going to power the smart home devices. This means you might have to position smart home devices close to nearby electrical outlets or you will have to add some more electrical outlets. We recommend having a professional electrician inspect your home to insure safety and that your home is ready for proper electrical current flow.

Creating a Smart Home Plan

When first approaching your smart home plan, make a list of the smart home capabilities you are most interested in. There are plenty of resources online for those looking to do further research on smart home planning.

DYI vs. Hire a Professional

As I mentioned before, I strongly recommend you hire a professional to handle any necessary changes to your infrastructure. However, if you are looking to just upgrade your smart speakers devices, you should be fine to try it on your own.

Room for Improvements in Smart Home Innovation

For those technology gurus who want to make their home smarter be prepared for some glitches from time to time. The technology is far from perfect and has at times created failure. Just remember to be patient and you will find that everything eventually will work out with your smart home devices. If you have issues, you can always reach out to the manufacturer or hire a professional.

JP London is an SLC based programmer and avid writer who has a passion for technology, photography, music and film. Born in Mumbai India, JP moved to San Francisco to study at UC Berkeley.

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