Small Business Cybersecurity Training is Vital

When it comes to protecting small businesses from cyber attacks, business owners and management teams must be vigilant in their defense. With scams and phishing making up a massive 85% of online threats for small businesses in the US in 2023, research finds many small businesses are lacking the budget and tools to protect themselves. Research shows it is vital that security plays a role in small business operations. 

Many cybercriminals are opportunistic and see small and medium-sized businesses as prime targets, perceiving small and medium sized businesses as having weaker cybersecurity defenses. By adopting a handful of behaviors, you can vastly improve your cyber defenses and keep your company rolling.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Training is Key

Educating employees on how to spot signs of phishing and building a cybersecurity culture through comprehensive training can greatly reduce the opportunities for a cyberattack. Increasing data encryption and access controls can help avoid a data breach as well. 

The Importance of a VPN for Small Business Security