Shop Sundance Film Festival 2019 Apparel and Merchandise

It’s officially the kick off of the Sundance Film Festival and Style Utah delivers insights into all things Sundance, including a close look at the film festival’s edgy, awesome apparel and merchandise for this year. The brand identity tagline for Sundance Film Festival 2019 is “Risk Independence” and it is reflective in the bold, vibrant colors and the expanded designs in their merchandise.

If you are attending the Festival this year, and you have an opportunity, I recommend stopping in to the Sundance shop on Main Street in Park City, Utah or at the Festival Headquarters.

I’m personally digging on the Sundance mesh-back trucker hat. This fun-loving trucker hat features an adjustable snap closure and the style on the foam front padding offers a young, rugged feel to it. And I felt a strong source of inspiration to Risk Independence with Sundance in 2019 and their tank tops, in hot pink and purple. I can’t decide which one. It appears as if Sundance might be preparing us for our next summer film shoot.

Something For Everyone and For all Seasons

With Sundance merchandise, you can find something for everyone. From toddlers, kids, adults to doggy treats for the pet, just like selecting their films, Sundance was incredibly thoughtful in their 2019 lineup of merchandise and apparel. Check out the wide variety of collectibles and accessories, including their 2004 Limited Edition Cowboy Tote Bag at

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