Qualtrics X4 2020: Ellen, Michelle Obama to Arrive at Base Camp

A great deal of the world’s leading business visionaries will be in Salt Lake City in March  for the Qualtrics Summit. From the looks of the scheduled speakers and agenda, attendees of X4 are in for a fantastic four day summit packed full of dynamic, forward thinking courses on employee experience and customer experience alongside a strong list of keynote speakers scheduled with truly inspirational individuals who have accomplished life changing goals and shattered glass ceilings.

XM Basecamp Live

Starting on Tuesday, March 10th with the Breakfast for Basecamp Attendees, the agenda for the four day event includes courses designed for different levels of experience, knowledge and purposes for utilizing Qualtrics products. Attendees will have the opportunity to select one morning course and one afternoon course each day. It looks like the courses run about 3 hours each course.

At the Main Stage, keynote speakers include Ellen Degeneres, Michelle Obama, Matthew Mconaughey, Chip Gaines, and Johanna Gaines, Tony Hawk, and Arianna Huffington. The discussions and talks are designed to inspire the attendees of the Summit to create personal and professional break through experiences.

Qualtrics will have over 200 Qualtrics experts on staff and live product demos available so attendees of the summit will have the opportunity to develop out their overall brand experience technical solutions including customer, employee, and product solutions.

Evening Events at the Qualtrics XM Summit

The Summit will finish off each day with an evening of party and celebration including a warehouse party, and a private concert with The Killers.

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