PS5 – Where to Buy What to Expect

Restocks are happening now for Black Friday today! Where to buy PS5 in Utah or online including some possible hidden treasures in packages. GAME STOP PS5 RESTOCK DETAILS and updates starting with the new stock of PS5 that will be available for Black Friday 2020 at 7:00 AM on 27 November at Game Stop locations.

The launch day of the Playstation 5 is here and gamers abound wanting to understand for themselves the joy of the upcoming Playstation experience ASAP. Today, November 12th, the Playstation 5 release day is officially here meaning the console is available for purchase. For those of us who have been prepping our gamer hearts for quite sometime now, it is time to flex. So where do we buy the PS5 and what makes the most sense with purchase.

This page is UPDATED FREQUENTLY, please refresh for the latest information regarding the release of the PS5.

Where to buy the PS5

Let’s start with the major retailers and being loyal to GameStop, we see Gamestop has confirmed stock. Phone calls confirm the reports and upon the latest update, Walmart, Best Buy, and Sony have also reported stock of PS5. Now, as we speak, people are scrambling to obtain, keep refreshing your page, and don’t give up hope. If you find you are not able to level up and reach the PS5 treasure, don’t stress, Black Friday is only two weeks away.

PS5 at Best Buy

Are your sights on nabbing a PS5 from Best Buy? Maybe you want to utilized your Best Buy credit line. We can’t blame you, and these are the times Best Buy plans to release the PS5 today via online at their website.

  • 7am MST
  • 10am MST
  • 1pm MST
  • 3pm MST
  • 6pm MST

What to Expect with the Playstation 5

Playstation promises a cutting edge experience with the new PS5 combining an upgrade to Native 4k resolution, Virtual Reality, sensational optical drive, and overall better performance. Sony ran into confrontation when word spread that the PS5 will not support 1440p display which many gamers prefer. PS5 looks to the future for updates.

Playstation Exclusives and Confirmed Games

These 3rd party games have been confirmed as exclusives for the PS5. Finally Fantasy XVI, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Deathloop, Ghostwire: Tokyo, Godfall, Project Athia,   

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