PS5 Restock in December GameStop Confirmed

Style Utah PS5 restock resources for the holiday season including PS5 restock updates for Walmart, Costco, Amazon, Best Buy and more. Throughout the month of December, we have seen Costco PS5 updates and Walmart PS5 restock updates coming in regularly as the holiday season is showing high demand for the Sony PS5 and the demand currently is outweighing supply, leaving many out in the cold, waiting in virtual lines this holiday season and hoping to take home the in-demand next-gen console. 

We believe in keeping your hearts warm and spirits high with the latest PS5 restock news for 2021 and offering the latest updates via our PS5 tracker set on high alert. So, if you didn’t get your hands on a PS5 this Black Friday, there is still hope for December. Many of the giant retailers have shipments on the way very soon, in fact Walmart has something in store for you as soon as tomorrow! 

PS5 Restock Alert

The latest PS5 Restock alerts for Monday December 13th including the latest news about restocks such as the Gamestop Restock DROP confirmed for December 17th and this also includes PS5 controllers and PS5 games. Costco had announced a PS5 drop and an invite only PS5 direct drop that happened last week.

Walmart PS5 Restock Drops Tomorrow

Reports are flying in regarding details about the Walmart PS5 restock taking place tomorrow. This Walmart PS5 drop is for those who have a paid Walmart Plus subscription. The Walmart Plus subscription costs $12.95. I’d recommend buying it now because the Walmart PS5 restock will take place Wednesday, December 8 at 10 a.m. MST and you want to be ready with no issues in the morning. The Walmart restock includes the PS5 and the PS5 Digital. The Walmart restock also includes the Xbox Series X.

Walmart December 8th Restock includes

  • PS5
  • PS5 Digital
  • Xbox Series X

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