Prada SS23 Menswear Styles That Juxtapose

In Milan for a look at the Fashion Week Menswear Shows on the schedule, and the collections revealed and expected to be released from the leading designers of the fashion industry. Today, the Prada Spring Summer 2023 Menswear Collection and Runway Show combined classic checkered print overcoats in juxtapose with leather high shorts and cowboy boots. The next model walking down the runway would be wearing a style contradiction to what came before them. 

The Prada menswear collection felt spontaneous, raw and intentional and showcased what Prada has historically achieved as a designer brand and the theme of this show. Choice.

The Prada SS23 Overcoats

From the invite for the event (a paper overcoat) hinting at what was to be revealed on the runway., the collection was toned down from Prada’s recent years, utilizing classic prints and colors that were at times muted and other times popped with the colors you might find sipping on rosé wine on a Summer day in Paris. 

Prada Men’s Mini Shorts and Cowboy Boots

With temperatures heating up in Milan, it only makes sense to sport a Prada Gingham overcoat with Prada mini shorts and a pair of leather cowboy boots. This was all intentional, designed to reflect the theme of ‘choice’ that the curation team of Prada had in mind when planning for the big event.

Fashioning an impression, and the creation of style the Prada SS23 Collection was curated by Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons and evoked Prada’s classic fashion through context, and the juxtaposition of elements and garments.

Who was at the Prada SS23 Collection in Milan

Naturally a Prada show during a Milan Fashion Week Menswear Spring 2023 event is going to attract celebrity status. This year, Prada made sure the house was packed with an international array of celebrities who participated at Prada SS23 including Rami Malek, Dwayne Wayde and Gabrielle Union, Damson Idris, Blake Gray, the star of the show Thai actor and Prada model Win Metawin O., Jaehyun, joyful Jeff Goldblum and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Dwayne Wayde and Gabrielle Union at PRADA SS23

Prada also recently launched it’s first NFT community 

Also worth noting is Prada’s dive deeper into the metaverse with their launch of the first Prada digital NFT community that will include monthly NFT time capsules linked with physical Prada products.

Jeff Goldblum at PRADA SS23

Rami Malek at PRADA SS23

Jake Gyllenhaal at PRADA SS23