ONE ROQ VODKA, A Luxury Experience During Sundance

In Deer Valley, during the Sundance Film Festival this year, guests and attendees were introduced to the future of adult beverage experience from ONE ROQ Vodka. The internationally award-winning American spirit re-imagines what the spirit can be by inviting Sundance attendees to Escape The Ordinary, and “Own Your Spirit” through their industry first membership platform,

As a partner of the 2020 RAND Luxury Escape, ONE ROQ Vodka hosted a series of invite-only events at the beautiful St. Regis including premiere after-parties for the Sundance films and the filmmaker celebrations. The events included a reception for Omniboat; A Fast Boat Fantasia, starring Robert Redford and an after-party celebration with the filmmakers of the Sundance film, The Evening Hour and attendees included executives, talent and industry insiders.

Brandi Cyrus and Stacy Martin Sundance 2020 Rand Luxury


“To be able to be here at St. Regis, and share the ONE ROQ experience with the world’s greatest storytellers is an incredible opportunity.” shares Green. “In this world, ONE ROQ shares its spirit – a common thread with filmmakers that celebrates the magic that happens when people come together to work towards a common goal; whether to create the next box office hit, or a cultural phenomenon in spirits.”

The Future of Lifestyle and Spirits

ONE ROQ Vodka is a unique business model offering customers something beyond its exquisite sip: ownership in the form of a Founding equity interest in the brand and its promising future. Within a highly lucrative market, the company looks to capitalize on the rare opportunity of building a globally recognized, luxury-lifestyle vodka brand, and they do it through:

ONE ROQ is the brainchild of Garrett Green. After investing to study the barriers of the industry, he pioneered ONE ROQs new platform and culture, leveraging technology, law, and brand strategy to redefine the lifestyle spirit experience.

ONE ROQ Vodka’s Club Privileges

The privileges of ONE ROQ Vodka begin with real equity. Having ownership in ONE ROQ Vodka also means you have a vote, a right to a percentage of company earnings, and an element of influence on everything from future products to the future of club privileges themselves.

Luxury perks include a 24/7 ordering and gifting concierge currently live in 42 states, a member-only discount on merchandise including the ONE ROQ Vodka. But the VIP event perks, (such as Sundance movie after-party) is a privilege that many find appealing. After all, when you get to enjoy the vodka owned by you, you become the star.

Attendees experience a VR simulation and gifts from Cohiba Cigars

ONE ROQ At the X-Games 

 2020 has shown to be a great year so far for ONE ROQ and their members. Alongside it’s celebrations during Sundance, ONE ROQ Vodka was present for the X-Games in Aspen . This meant ONE ROQ Members enjoyed complimentary access to the games, and featured cocktails made just for them. Notably. ONE ROQ just became the first alcohol sponsor of X-Games in many years.

Join the Club 

ONE ROQ is definitely a vodka designed with the entrepreneurial spirit.  I suggest visiting ONE ROQ if you are interested in joining the club. Or order their vodka, and decide over a Vodka Tonic if it’s a spirit you’d take ownership in. Then again, ONE ROQ is the only one you can become an owner in – and that speaks volumes.

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