Olympics 2022 Snowboarding Heavy Scores and Prada Drama

This year there has not been without it’s fair shar of Prada drama on the mountain. But first, let’s get to when Chloe Kim broke a world record by scoring 94.00 in the women’s halfpipe on her first run securing her 2nd Gold Medal and the key to my heart this Valentine season. Just hold on to this Gold Medal dear Chloe. At 21 years old, Chloe Kim is becoming that of a vibrant youthful legend in the sport of half pipe. Imagine where she may be in eight years or even more. And with her grace, she makes it look so easy! An inspiration to many female snowboarders, Chloe Kim is just one reason why I love watching the snowboarding during the Olympics. 

Since it’s indoctrination into the Olympics in 1998, snowboarding has steadily risen to be a key element of the Winter Games. And one of my favorite winter sports to watch. At the Big Air Finals you saw the wrath of the US men’s Big Air team with Chris Corning scoring a 92.00 and that not being the high moment of the day. An insane day of Big Air Snowboarding, the scores were heavy and eventually it was Su Yiming who came out on top.  

Julia Marino sporting an absolutely beautiful Prada snowboard

The Prada Olympics Drama

The Prada Olympics drama centers around Julia Marino and her Prada snowboard and speculation begins to grow around it’s involvement in her injury earlier. I certainly do not blame Marino for wanting to win another Silver or possibly Gold with this sleek and sexy Prada snowboard. But unfortunately the IOC committee thinks other wise and from reports it seems they might have told Marino she cannot ride on this board. What we know is there is this rule called Rule 40 that basically says, you can’t be a walking billboard for other brands. Especially brands that have nothing to do with the Winter sports. Makes sense, Unfortunately, Julia Marino was not having any of that! So she dropped out of the Big Air event.