Olympic Medal Count USA Takes Lead at Tokyo 2020 Olympics

As we approach the closing ceremony and we say goodnight to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the medal count is now completed and USA comes home top of the medal count with the most Gold medals and  the most medals won in total. By mid-afternoon on the final day of events at the Tokyo Olympics, the United States of America had risen to first place in medal count. With Team USA trailing China by 2 Gold medals, all eyes were on the women’s basketball final where Team USA took on the Olympic home team of Japan.

With Japan having home field advantage at this year’s Olympic Games, they took the opportunity to collect a total of 58 medals and 27 Gold Medals positioning them in 3rd place for Gold medals and 4th for total medals after falling to the USA women’s baseball team earlier today. The Russian Olympic Committee took home 3rd place for total medals and came in 5th place for Gold medals.

The People’s Republic of China was in 1st place with 38 Gold Medals until today’s events with China moving from a total of 87 medals to being outperformed by the United States of America who currently is in 1st place with a total of 112 medals and 39 Gold medals.

, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics still have opportunities available for USA. The US Equestrian Jumping Team just secured a Silver Medal to bring the total to 108. In women’s basketball USA currently leads Japan 56 to 43 with hopes of securing their 7th Gold Medal. Facing off against Japan, this is their first appearance in the women’s basketball final.

USA Total Medal Count