October 2020 New Moon Meditations and Celebrations

Welcome to the October 2020 New Moon forecast brought to you by the Astrology Energy podcasts. For the Libra New Moon arriving to be celebrated on Friday, October 16th, 2020 at 12:31 pm Pacific Standard Time. Our headquarters is located here in beautiful Sedona Arizona therefore today’s astrological forecast is set for Sedona time. As I look out over the beautiful stars in the sky I begin to reflect on this upcoming joyous occasion. The New Moon is arriving in the sign of Libra at 23º52′ Libra.

What does the New Moon symbolize?

New Moons symbolize new beginnings and therefore this New Moon in Libra will be a time to consider your relationships because Libra rules relationships. And not just your love relationships. Your relationships with friends, siblings, parents, and children, even co-workers and business partners. So this New Moon is a time to clear your mind, clear the energies, clear your space and most of all clear your heart because the New Moon signifies a rebirth, it is a time for each individual to give ourselves a second chance.

Let’s take a moment to consider your deepest relationships. Your love relationships, romantic partners and the connection you have with your husband or wife.

Let’s talk a little bit about business relationships. This has been a rough year for business.  Regardless of how well you have done with your business this year, it would probably be best for us as as individuals to try to comprehend maybe, that a lot of people are suffering. And there is a lot of stress floating around because Mars is at war with Saturn. Or we could flip it and say that Saturn is trying to teach Mars a lesson. Lessons about law and order and structure.

So this New Moon gives us an opportunity to reflect our business relationships and prepare for how we want to act, because Mars rules action, moving forward.

And keep in mind that your business relationships could be your co-workers, your business partners,  and even your bosses and those who are of higher authority to you. They are important too.

And your family. These relationships you have with your siblings, your children, and your father and mother.  These are the deep relationships that have the most influence on your life. Take a moment during this New Moon to consider what these relationships mean to you and how you can bring more harmony to these relationships in this next moon cycle.

Finding Harmony In A Frustrated New Moon

As you meditate on your relationships, you may feel a sense of frustration and an urgency to move forward with your meditation. This is because Libras ruling planet Venus is in opposition with Neptune. What I mean in an opposition is
And with this opposition you see frustration grow through disillusionment. Now is not the time to quarrel with loved ones and partners about money and financial matters.

Mars, Saturn, and Pluto have all come to the party during this New Moon and they seem to not be happy about the other attending. It’s better to keep your nose to the grind stone and continue your work on your own personal growth.

How to Prepare for a New Moon

As you begin to prepare for this New Moon, clear your energy and take a moment to consider the intentions and goals you would like to project into the universe this upcoming moon cycle. Take a moment to reflect on your relationships and make a list of some objectives and goals regarding your relationships.

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