New Moon in Leo and the Lions Gate

Astrology Energy Horoscope for the New Moon in Leo and tapping into the energy of your inner child, embracing the inner child as a key factor for the new moon approaching Leo, the sign of playful behavior, romantic relationships, and the life of children. As the new moon approaches the skies of Sedona, Arizona, where I am located, I focus on releasing the heaviness surrounding the heart chakra, breathe in, with light stretches and expand the Leo energy of confidence. As one boosts self confidence and begin to reflect a more positive self image the Leo New Moon energy will align and help in lifting the youthful spirits and allow room within our heart chakra to expand ever higher. For me there is something spiritual about the fires of the New Moon energy.

The new moon will occur at 7:49 a.m. MST on the date of August 8th 2021. This is also a valuable placement with the Lions Gate Portal opening bringing abundance. And yet the Leo Moon will square Uranus as well so this time will also not be with out possibility for challenges.

Leo New Moon Energy and the Lion’s Pride

With the new moon being about goals and setting a new tone for the month ahead, the Leo New Moon is also about taking pride in ourselves and those material parts of us we cherish. And opening our heart and sharing our gifts with the world.

The Lions Gate Portal Opens Bringing Gifts

Eternal connection and spiritual abundance is going to be flowing strong as the Lions Gate opens. By keeping the psychic energies clear the human is able to receive more information from the stars and this is what the Lions Gate Portal is.

The Challenges of Uranus

As is usually the case with the stars, during this new moon time there may be challenges and set backs do to the Uranus squaring the moon placement. You may find trouble that surprisingly rears it’s head regarding romance or financials. While also squaring Uranus during the New Moon, there are lots of things for us to look at and by remaining flexible during this New Moon sequence our direction for the lunar cycle ahead will remain strong and stable build from the helm of the Leo fire.