NBA Draft 2023 Picks and the Utah Jazz

Around the NBA tonight with 58 picks that were set to be selected for the NBA draft this year, the second year in a row resulting in a draft with two less than usual. You can check out the NBA draft livestream delivering the top opportunities for the latest updates and more.

The San Antonio Spurs had the #1 draft card and went with French Basketball Phenom Victor Wanbanyama. This pick was expected and will serve the San Antonio Spurs well. It was debated online who the second draft pick would be between Brandon Miller or Scoot Henderson.

Utah Jazz Draft Picks for 2023

Ohio State Forward Brice Sensabaugh is heading to the Utah Jazz alongside Keyonte George. The Utah Jazz welcome Taylor Hendricks, Keyonte George, And Brice Sensabaugh

Deeper in the NBA, the San Antonio Spurs took Victor Wanbanyama, the big man from France. Jett Howard was selected by the Orlando Magic while Marcus Smart is heading to the Grizzlies?? The NBA draft order is interesting this year with Cam Whitmore dropping drastically and being retreived by the Rockets after rumors of speculated health issues and Cam Whitmore quickly shored up the rumours.