Updates on the local Utah economy in 2020 including updates on the effects of the Coronavirus on Utah’s economy in the Summer of 2020.


Money and the local Utah economy in 2020 including the latest news and updates on the jobs and the topic of Money. Welcome to the Style Utah page dedicated to the topic of Money. In 2020, we have witnessed a wild year within our local and global economy. In times like these often times people look for advice on how to best position themselves for success during these times. For financial, economic, and money news in Utah and on the global stage, look to Style Utah.

Forecasting the economy and the local business trends here in Utah including our local Startup Community. During the latest pandemic, almost 150k Utahns were unemployed, however overall unemployment claims in Utah are rather low. Budget cuts have been included in Utah.  With cities such as Draper Utah still holding solid claims.

June 2020 Economic News

March 2020 Economic News

In March of 2020, the State of Utah has revealed a plan to assist with the local troubles faced by the Coronavirus. Governor Hebert recently announced the plan regarding designed to support the local Utah economy. This comes as Utahns continue to stay at home and practice social distancing.

February 2020 Economic News

In February, we begin to see a slight downturn in the economy followed by another strong boost in our economy. As we notice that business investment begins to slow more in February of 2020.

January 2020 Economic News

The year 2020 has started off with a good run as economists and investors are very optimistic about the future of the economy here in Utah and globally, expecting steady growth throughout 2020.

3 million more workers file jobless claims. Salons in Orem and throughout the State of Utah have remained closed during these tough financial times.