Microsoft’s Xbox Unveiling At E3 Conference

At this year’s E3 Conference, the spotlight is shining directly on Microsoft and the Xbox due to the absence of Sony and Playstation. The lights are dark at E3 for Sony, and the Playstation platform, most likely due to timing and the company not being quite ready to reveal further details about their new console. My thoughts are they most likely felt that showing up to this year’s E3 Conference might be laden in premature talk of their upcoming releases creating more disappointment than excitement to their loyal following.

This allowed Xbox to reign in the industry spotlight during the mega gaming conference and Xbox has promised not to disappoint.

Xbox Project Scarlett Console and Halo Infinite

Little details about the Xbox console Project Scarlett was announced by Microsoft in anticipation of this year’s E3 Conference. We do know Project Scarlett is set to go on sale near the end of 2020. The Project Scarlet launch game will be Halo Infinite and Halo Infinite will also be playable on Xbox One.

Project xCloud and Mobile Devices

xCloud is set to launch in October 2019 allowing players to “turn your Xbox One into your own personal and free xCloud server,” stated Xbox head Phil Spencer. One of the most exciting elements of Project xCloud is creating the ability to stream on mobile devices. The challenge for game streaming is how to overcome the hurdles in latency and bandwidth requirements.

A New Generation Elite Controller

Enhancements to the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller: Series 2 will create better comfort and control with the new series featuring wrap-around grips and new thumbstick sensitivity settings, alongside a new hair-trigger locks.

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