Men’s Holiday Style Guide for 2021

The holiday season is in full swing and when it comes to holiday shopping for him, we all know how difficult it can be. I find it’s all about keeping the man in your life feeling sexy, confident and at ease with a gift of style and possibly just a little swag this holiday season. We have curated the perfect gift guide for the absolute hottest in men’s style in 2021 from designers to streetwear and how to dress your man to impress from head to toe. So now you can impress your man with a gift from our Holiday Style Gift Guide for 2021, there is still time to shop for the man in your life and we have curated this last minute list of some of the hottest items that many men across the globe adore and other items that suit a specific type of man such as your classic gentleman or your outdoorsman style or your next-gen gamer. Don’t worry, we got you covered. 

Let’s begin with the items you definitely need to consider add ing to your holiday gift guide for your man this year. Regardless of the man you are shopping for, your boyfriend, husband, father or step brother, these are the items that every man adores on his holiday list. Let’s move beyond the classic Christmas sweater for men and the boring Christmas pajamas to something more manly and fun.

“Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them.” — Marc Jacobs

Pampering your man this holiday season can go a long way into 2022 with these ideas from our holiday gift guide. Although right now might not be the ideal time to plan a long get away, you can still head to the local spa and purchase a gift card for you and your man or for the whole family. Our purchase these favorite mens gifts for the winter season. 

Dress Shirts for Every Gentleman

Every respectable man should have at least two nice dress shirts in their wardrobe closet. It’s a style basic and for formal wear, a designer dress shirt is a great investment when taken care of. Now, you don’t have to select a designer dress shirt for your man, but it’s worth investing in a high quality dress shirt vs. a cheaper one. 

The two men’s designer dress shirts I lean on recommending for you to pick up first is the classic Eton dress shirts and a Luigi Borrelli possibly in mint green and maybe you can go for something like a Robert Graham dress shirt if you are feeling a little frisky risky. 

It’s absolutely crucial to make sure you know the shirt size size of the man you are shopping for and enjoy our further information about men’s dress shirts including all about collars, cuffs, fabrics, colors and patterns. Regardless of what brand you go with, adding a classic designer dress shirt to your holiday list is sure to bring a smile to the face of the man in your life.

  • David Donahue
  • Luigi Borrelli
  • Eton 
  • Charvet
  • Bonobos

Confidence with a Tie 

When you put on a suit and tie it is statistically known to give a man more confidence. The key is to not look restrictive and the perfect tie can bring it all together. I recommend a nice soft blue color like the the one from the Gucci tie collection below or a classic gray or navy blue tie to play it safe and also I recommend a strong red color for a power tie.

A Well Groomed Man

It’s all about being well groomed and the grooming essentials to be well invested in for a confident man in 2022 can be laid out with a few specific items of recommendation on our holiday gift list. The Anti Fatigue Essentials bundle is the perfect gift for a very sexy man.