Mektoub, My Love: Intermezzo French Films At Cannes

Last night, in Cannes, France, Mektoub, My Love: Intermezzo premiered as the second film in competition. The 240-minutes by Abdellatif Kechiche, who is already winner of the golden palm in 2013 with the beautiful Blue is the Warmest Color comes to Cannes in 2019 with Mektoub offering the second part of the story of Amin, a young Algerian, in the summer of 1994. One of the last, before the radicalization of Islam. Amin (Shaïn Boumedine), is an aspiring scriptwriter who spends his warm evenings with the pleasant company of Charlotte (Alexia Chardard), his cousin’s ex-girlfriend, with whom he talks about literature and photography.


Quinzaine des realisateurs

In Sick Sisk Sick by Alice Furtado,  Silvia, an introspective young girl, falls for Artur, a rebel expelled from other schools who is also hemophiliac.

Ghost Tropic by Bas Devos is a modern odyssey. It is the story of Khadija who, falling asleep in the subway after a long day of work, wakes up at the terminus. And she must go back, on foot. At night.

In Yves by Benoît Forgeard, Jerem is a young rapper who is testing Yves a smart refrigerator. Gradually, Jerem and the refrigerator will become friends and start writing songs together.

Un certain regard

Once in Trubchevsk by Larissa Sadilova.

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