Lovesac IPO Soars to $54 Million

It was recently announced that Utah’s favorite designer bean bag, Lovesac has soared to an IPO of $54 million! The Lovesac is a versatile piece of furniture designed for comfort and style. The Lovesac Sactional has taken over college dorm rooms with college kids as well as luxury houses purchasing the furniture for living rooms . Both demographics are purchasing Lovesacs and keeping profits high for the company. Let’s face it, the company designs incredibly versatile future and the furniture was designed and built with the family unit in mind. Lovesac began trading today, Wednesday, June 27 and finished off with a stellar $16 per share. The Lovesac Company is best know for designing, manufacturing, and selling their foam filled furniture, sectional couches, and related accessories. The Locesac Sac is their most popular item to date. The Lovesac Sactional has grown in popularity in 2018 and has increased Lovesac’s overall value as a company. This versatile couch includes everything needed for a family or a dorm room. The perfect sectional couch with Lovesac offering over 197 cover options!

Origins in Utah

Lovesacs origins begin in Utah. The company is based out of Stamford Connecticut yet Lovesac’s founder and CEO Shawn Nelson is originally from Utah and the company was born in Shawn’s parents basement in Milcreek Utah months after his high school graduation

I was born in Dublin, and raised in New York where I was fortunate enough to eventually study fine art history and fashion, graduating from NYU. I worked in fashion marketing for small startups before doing a stint on the West Coast. And now I am in Utah. Avid skier and love the ocean.

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