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Some Australian education here. July is Winter in the Southern Hemisphere. And Winter in Australia is not quite like a Winter in Utah. Well, Australia is huge. Because it’s a country, not a state. Australia is massive and the terrain is versatile with beautiful country, a warm tropical climate and tons of adventure to explore.

Traveling Through Australia

I spent a little over a year (14 months to be exact) in Australia, working for a upcoming fashion designer who also owned a boutique in Sydney Australia.

I arrived in Australia in June of 2015 and left back to The States in August of 2016. During my time there, I had the opportunity to visit Melbourne, Brisbane and Cairns. I didn’t have the opportunity to visit Perth, which is on the far western side of Australia.

I opted-in to write this article on traveling to Australia in July, because I truly feel July offers a great opportunity to visit Australia at a somewhat affordable time of the year to travel.

Australia Is Expensive

Australia is an expensive country and July is the off-season for travel in the Southern Hemisphere and in Australia. As stated, Traveling Australia in July is traveling to Australia during their winter months (June-August). This makes July a time to experience Australia’s more mild and sometimes wet temperatures.

Beautiful Australian Beaches and Winter In the Southern Hemisphere

Let’s not let winter in July get you down. Australia has plenty to offer as far as outdoor adventure and the beaches still offer opportunities to create memorable beach walks across the Australian sands and spend the days in the sun.


  • Bondi Beach
  • Marley Beach
  • Tamarama
  • Jones Beach
  • Whitehaven Beach

Cairns. The Tropical Getaway

My favorite part of Australia was when we traveled to Cairns. The entry way into Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef’s tropical awe-inspiring beauty is in the winter time because the water is incredibly clear during this time. The diving crowds of Cairn offer some excitement worth checking out and the people are laid back and as stylish as they come. The North tropical area of Australia are majestic.

The Majestic Spirit of Sydney Australia

With plenty of day trips available near Sydney, the location is perfect for settling in to Australia. I was attracted to Sydney the moment I touched down SYD International. It was October and Summer was welcoming me in. Most of my time in Australia was dedicated to Sydney. I lived and worked in Surry Hills and spent a lot of my time in Newtown. Fashion was my focus. Exploring Sydney, the beautiful city offers plenty for one to do. Great shopping and incredible food!! The food in Sydney includes beers, wine and destination hotspots to enjoy. Sydney offers a lot of sporting events and festivals to explore during their winter months. In June, Sydney celebrates with the Winter Festival of Lights. In July, Sydney is all about celebrating. Travel in July with Style Utah and our Travel Adventures for Australia and beyond.

Even though July is Sydney’s coldest month, it typically never falls below 50 degrees. Traveling to Sydney in July means the fairs will be lower.

Further inland, two hours east from Sydney is the Blue Mountains. The Blue Mountains are majestic. Check em out. Christmas In July and Yulefest –

Hunter Valley Wine Region

We spent a week here in July and loved it.

Winter Music Festivals In Australia

Splendour In The Grass takes place from July 21st-23rd at North Byron Parklands south of Brisbane. This year the lineup of incredible artists includes The XX, Queens Of The Stone Age, LCD Soundsystem, Haim and Sigur Ros to name a few.


Each year the Aussie music industry is sent into a tizzy when Splendour In The Grass announces its lineup. Why? Because the Byron Bay festival always manages to curate on point rosters comprised of hotly tipped up-and-comers and seasoned favourites that sees tickets fly out the door within minutes.

Traveling Melbourne and Brisbane In July

Set alongside the Brisbane River, the capital of Queensland is Brisbane. There is something magical about Brisbane in July. I can’t express it. It’s wet and majestic. My flatmate and I took the drive from Sydney to Brisbane up the coast.  Brisbane is a lush, sultry metropolis where great waters and food thrive. This is no different in July.

The Outback is expansive and in July you are going to have more mild temperatures then the harsh realities of the summer months. In the Northern Territory you will find what they call the Dry Season and is the most ideal time to explore the Northern Territory of the Outback. Explore the Outback in July might be the best time to explore the area. The desert Outback is a perfect time for a roadtrip. With Style Utah’s Glamping Recommendations, we have your covered as far as where you can find the perfect accomodations in Australia.

Skiing In Mount Buler or down Victoria’s powdered slopes.

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