Jennifer Lawrence Hot Ones Felt She Was Gonna Die

When Jennifer Lawrence arrived to the set of Hot Ones she was probably thinking that she was going to have to put on her best set of tears to perform her way through the episode. First We Feast’s hottest show is hosted by Shaun Evans and his guest was the undeniably talented Jennifer Lawrence. Jennifer claimed she was “okay around spicey food” yet as we learned to find out, she was anything but… brilliant! Out promoting her new film ‘No Hard Feelings’ Jennifer Lawrence showed us how to power through an episode of Hot Ones even when you probably are going to die.

She discussed being punched in the lerenyx and the pressure of nailing it in two takes. What is it about Jennifer Lawrence that is completely human. She has a way of turning her weaknesses in to strengths and this might be something that we all can learn from.

No Hard Feelings In Theatres June 23rd