Introducing Fox Wilde at 2020 Sundance ASCAP Music Café

L.A. based duo band Fox Wilde performed last Thursday and Friday as part of the 2020 Sundance ASCAP Music Café. They rocked. Demitri’s stage presence was on point from the moment of lift-off, vocals on fire. And Michael’s guitar riffs, full and seductive, the whole show in time with the rhythm. After the show, Michael Lerios and Demitri Lerios stopped into the Park City Barber Shop for an interview.

Demitri Lerios: We are Fox Wilde, I am Demitri Lerios.

Michael Lerios: And I am Michael Lerios,

D.L.: And we are in the Park City Barber Shop in Park City, Utah for Sundance 2020. And we are about to do an interview.

How did Fox Wilde form?

M.L: We are brothers, obviously, and we have always played together. I actually started playing guitar when I was much younger and Demitri, he was about 10 years old. And there was a 6 year age difference so, for him to hang out with me was like I didn’t really want to hang…

D.L: You are 16.

M.L: Yeah, that is good math. For me to hang out with my little brother, when you are 16 you want to be hanging out with your friends. And so he decided that if he learned how to play the drums, we would hang out more and this is correct because I needed a drummer, and I hated playing by myself. So he learned how to play the drums and it just kind of took off from there.

D.L: Yeah that was the first inception of kind of what Fox Wilde is today.

M.L: Yeah.

How has the Sundance Film Festival been treating you?

D.L: That’s a great question. It has actually been incredible, it has been very welcoming.

M.L.:Yeah, cold.

D.L: We just got in last night so our first day is playing so judging off of the show, and the energy, it’s been fantastic.

What is the songwriting process for Fox Wilde?

D.L: Our process in writing music kind of starts, we write and produce everything ourself and so I’ll usually start off with a riff and kind of produce it somewhat.

M.L:Like a rough structure..

D.L: Then I will have some melodies, and I’ll come in with an idea and I’ll show Michael. He’s kind of the over-sayer if it is a pass. But from there we really hone on what the song is and we craft it.

M.L.: We work on the lyrics, and the idea, and what we want to communicate.

D.L: Exactly.

How has your father, Cory Lerios, helped guide your songwriting process?

M.L: Cory Lerios is our father, he was in a band called.. or is in a band called Pablo Cruise. Yeah, they still play. And they were really big in the 70’s and 80’s, and toured all around the world. And he has been the biggest influence.

D.L: Yeah, he is very influential in our process and we couldn’t be more grateful to have somebody on board and somebody who really understands it, understands the process, he actually went over into film & television, he did Bay Watch for 11 seasons and he wrote the Kim Possible theme.  So kind of being around that, and being in that environment, it is very influential, as much as we kind of like want to say “We’ve got it dad, we figured it out on our own” he is very influential and he helped guide us.

M.L: All the time.

D.L: Yeah.

M.L: It’s awesome having that. It’s a blessing having somebody who has been through the business and is doing everything we want to do and more and is just guiding us every step, and we can ask questions and show him the music and we are always hesitant to because that is what really matters, his voice, and what he has to say about it. But it has been the biggest help.

How was it being on the ASCAP Music Café stage at the Sundance Film Festival?

M.L: It’s been great. We’ve been on ASCAP for a while, because we also write music for film and television, so we do a lot of composition work, so we have been working with ASCAP for that stuff. And also, our father has been on ASCAP and ASCAP has been amazing. We love going to all of there events that they have and we were really excited to this one and showcase our band. But they are great, ASCAP is awesome.

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