What to Expect When Booking Travel in 2021

Many Americans find themselves in a limbo pickle with planning travel this Summer. The COVID restrictions are tightening again right when would be travelers were set and ready to sail off into the sunset, causing a damper for many as their patience begin to wear thin. We are almost halfway through 2021 and after spending the majority of 2020 in a state of some sort of lock down, it certainly feels like most of the USA is ready to get out and play.

 With many countries still very much hesitant to open their borders to American tourists, and the pressure of money and the much needed boost to many economies around the globe, reliant on the tourism industry, regarless we still are left not knowing if international travel will even be possible in 2021.

Local Utah Tourism Sees Much Needed Boost

many remain hopeful for international travel to begin showing us the desperately longed for light at the end of this tunnel and stronger signs of local communities and international destinations opening up and welcoming travel once again.

As we look to book travel plans, anticipation grows for what future travel in 2021 will look like. Many of us still have questions regarding how smooth of travel we might expect and what concerns we might have regarding health, safety and the financial risks that cast a layer of tension for families, couples, and friends trying their best to navigate planning during this post pandemic era.

Style Utah has been in dialogue with leaders in international hospitality including hotels, travel bureaus and tourism agencies across the globe keeping notes and up-to-dates on the lift of restrictions while we continue to carve and look to find the best bargains and deals on international and national travel. As for what can be expected, most professionals in travel recommend to brace for crowds and confusion as you travel in 2021. Style Utah recommends mentally preparing and keeping a low stress attitude towards travel this year. Try to stay in a place of zen with herbal teas, meditation music and breathing exercises. And also be sure to schedule in plenty of outdoor activities at parks and national recreational areas.

Local Utah Travel and Tourism Sees Early Boost

Last summer, local Utah residence had opportunities to explore our backcountry without the interruption crowds including beautiful national parks like Zion, and Arches National Park and during the winter months locals took advantage of limited occupation at our ski resorts. Now, new reports are showing an increase in out-of-state travelers anxious to explore Utah’s national parks. This month, Utah’s travel industry is showing solid signs of recovery as an influx of travelers begin to make their way towards Utah. And meanwhile the Salt Lake City airport outperformed other airports across the nation during the COVID pandemic. Also worth mentioning is that the new billion dollar airport is showing rave reviews from travelers who have already frequented the airport.

So if you are looking to get ahead start on booking international travel, especially to Europe, now might be as perfect of a time as any to look towards the Mediterranean or to explore the island of Capri. Italy is opening up to American tourists through Delta Airlines starting Sunday. But also it good to keep in mind that any country could change their guidelines and restrictions without warning.

Vaccinated Travel and The Vaccine Passport

The vaccine passport allows citizens from different countries to use proof of vaccination in order to travel and looks as if it will be a necessity for most travel outside of the United States. China unveiled their digital vaccine passport last month and Hawaii recently launched their inter-island vaccine passport. For those who are avoiding vaccination and were hoping they would be able to slide past the honor system, these digital passports are looking to make entry and travel more difficult. It is also giving stronger credence for people to get vaccinated although it seems unclear how exactly this vaccination status will be proven. Yet regardless  especially for those looking to travel to Europe and Asia in the Summer of 2021 a vaccine passport looks crucial.

Along with vaccine passports, other tech that comes to the travel industry in 2021, smart phones and apps also are being developed. And as we are certainly looking to see a lot of new changes moving forward, shifts in countries like Italy reopening for travel are solid signs of a global re-opening and many wonder how is it best to prepare for travel and navigating COVID travel restrictions nationally and globally. There is no clear path.

Technology to Help Travel

Beyond the vaccine passport and the developments of apps to assist with confirming vaccination there has also been other advancements from leading tech companies focused on innovations and designs to make travel smarter in 2021. Gadgets focused on easing post pandemic travel in 2021 include noise cancelling headphones, portable speakers, chargers and adapters. Google has destination ideas for 2021 alongside with up-to-date COVID information. Safety and security will continue to grow in future tech innovations and this is already starting to blead over into travel industry.Vaccine passports is just one example.

Best Places to Travel in 2021

  • Greece
  • New Mexico
  • North Carolina
  • Disney World
  • Costa Rica
  • Ireland
  • Germany
  • Vietnam