ibble + SXSW Conversations Via Social Media Made Easy

At South by Southwest, the absolute power of social media remains solidified in the culture. As the screens shined through the venues it was obvious which apps were most popular for streaming live performances, panel discussions and capturing those exciting moments of entertaining brand experiences. Looking out towards the unknown, conversations around social media drift towards how tech companies can help influencers and creators bring further value to their social presence, and ultimately thrive and grow in the digital age.  

ibble App and Sparking Frictionless Conversations

ibble’s approach at SXSW felt different and from a place with the creator in mind. At the ibble + SXSW studios, the social media app ibble offered influencers, creators and celebrities actual tools to produce content during SXSW including a stage for talks, performances and perched isolated studio rooms with views overlooking the bustling streets of Austin and by utilizing the ibble app, users can start a video or audio conversation about their favorite SXSW movies, a newly discovered SX music artist or create a conversation about a controversial panel discussion.

ibble Studios + SXSW

“ibble is a Social Media App built on the idea of learning through conversations and having the ability to talk directly with the experts without the friction that currently exists on traditional social media apps and platforms,” said Raymond Kaminski, CEO and Co-founder of ibble. “We believe that talking with your community, not at your community, through the power of audio and video can spark more meaningful conversations and create more insightful engagement.”

Download ibble App and Discover New Conversations

As ibble aims to make conversation via social media easy through focus on the natural flow of conversations and questions, users are able to ask their favorite influencer or celebrity engaging on the ibble app a question and receive a response back with a simple click of a button. 

A social media app designed to create better dialogue and conversation offers value for users who are curious about different topics of conversation and can help bring us closer together and better understand each other. Download the ibble app and spark a video or audio conversation today and discover something new tomorrow.