Is Harry Styles Love on Tour Coming to Utah?

It’s no secret that I absolutely love everything about pop star turned Grammy nominated artist Harry Styles. I have been die hard into Harry’s music since my early dorm days in the early 2010’s rocking out to “Once in a Lifetime” and dreaming of a lifetime of romance with a specific member of the hit UK boy band One Direction. And I vividly recall one of the greatest nights of my life watching the boys perform in Philadelphia in 2014 on the “Where We Are” tour and I admit it I cried when they came back on for an encore and played “You and I”. The moment was just magical, and 1D was a great boy band to watch perform but the true jewel of that night was Harry Styles. He captivated my heart that night and secured it forever.

Yes, I would say I have have a bit of a crush on Harry Styles. From his dreamy eyes and charismatic smile, his choice of wardrobe, to his crooner voice, the man absolutely drives me wild. And when Styles went solo after 1D split he wasted no time releasing his self titled debut album Harry Styles and the confidently created follow up in 2019 “Fine Line”. And now in 2021, with his budding relationship and his currently in Texas tour we are witnessing Harry just at an artistic moment where he is truly getting comfortable with his artistry. What I like most about Harry Styles is his vision for the future in his craft as an entertainer, a writer of songs and his journey becoming a fashion icon.

The 2021 Love on Tour With Harry Styles

Harry Styles is pressing on with his Love on Tour after postponing the tour due to the coronavirus pandemic. Harry was scheduled to play tonight in Houston but cancelled the event due to the tropical storm Nicholas. Harry has already performed four other cities for the tour. He kicked off the tour at MGM Grand in Las Vegas before heading towards Denver Colorado for the second night of the Love on Tour and the third night was in Dallas. Harry will be accompanied by three new band members during the tour, Niji Adeleye, Elin Sandberg, and Pauli the PSM along with Paul Lovejoy, Sarah Jones, Ny Oh and Mitch Rowland.

Is Harry Styles coming to Utah?

Unfortunately, Harry Styles is not scheduled to perform in Utah for the Love on Tour. With 40 shows scheduled for the Love on Tour, Salt Lake City is not one of the cities for this tour. The tour is scheduled to take place through the end of November, and Harry did open up the tour in Las Vegas at the MGM. As frustrating as this can be for the Utah fans the last time Harry performed a solo concert in Utah was .. Never? Well, the artist cannot be everywhere at once and we are sure to see a Harry Styles concert in Utah here some day soon.

Harry Styles Love on Tour Merch

You can purchase Love on Tour merchandise and apparel such as the crew neck t shirts that are totally Harry at the Harry Styles website. Most if not everything is preordered till late October. The team is keeping the look to soft tones and pastels. I dig it.