Future Artificial Intelligence and Jobs in Utah

A new study about AI exposure places three major Utah cities on the list of the more vulnerable to exposure. With a standardized AI exposure of .08, Salt Lake City was positioned in eight place, leading behind Detroit, Seattle, and the Bay Area. Ogden was the other Utah city with a high risk of AI exposure. The study by the Brookings Institute focuses on the workforces impact by artificial intelligence including what jobs might be affected by AI.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

The ability for a computer machine,  specifically computer machines ability to act for itself, imitate and simulate human intelligence including logical reasoning, learning, and self correction. The key aspects of AI and machine learning are covered within the branch of computer science, especially those regarding making computers behave like humans.

Examples of AI (Artificial Intelligence) include a computers ability to recognize speech such as Siri or Alexa, respond to customer input such as Amazon, or Uber and Lyfts ability to find the best route and fair.

The influence of Artificial Influence on Utah’s Future Job Market

With the aim of AI to create intelligent machines, it’s not a surprise to most that as our understanding and advancements of AI progress, work and objectives currently being done by humans will eventually be replaced by machines. And so, the purpose of the study is to evaluate and avoid many of the problems that might affect labor markets . In order to assess the broader labor market impacts Stanford University Ph.D. candidate Michael Webb developed a new method to predict the impacts of a technology on occupations and to quantify the exposure of occupations to AI.

Metro areas with a heavy economic emphasis on high-tech are likely to experience the most AI-related disruption including production workers and white-collar professionals with jobs in law, science, engineering and technology. These are the industries and communities that deem to be more susceptible to AI’s spread into the economy. These are also the industries that are currently booming in Utah

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