From CES; 5G and the Future of Smart Cities

In Las Vegas, on the convention floor of this year’s CES 2020, 5G carriers, mobile operators and startups from the 5G telecommunication space strived to capture the attention of visitors the massive gathering of tech’s elite. While all parties involved do their best to keeping up with the demand for more insights and updates into what we can expect from 5G, some companies came to CES to demonstrate real world applications including the reliability, and efficiency of 5G and showcasing the latest advancements in the move to 5G speed. 

2019 Was A Foundation Building Year for 5G

Throughout the year of 2019, the news surrounding 5G offered little for the consumer. It proved to be a year of foundation development for the 4 major mobile carriers and their 5G advancements. Verizon took the lead by introducing 5G networks back in April 2019. And last month AT&T announced that it’s 5G network would go live in 10 cities. However directly in Las Vegas during CES it appeared to be T-Mobile discussing their 5G activity . And as for smart phone carriers, I’d say Samsung took the lead in the 5G arena here at CES this with the and  their 5G phones on display. Car company BMW announced 2021’s BMW iNEXT will be the first car in the world equipped with 5G technology from Samsung and HARMAN. TCL Communication unveiled a budget friendly 5G smart phone as well. 

Smart Cities and 5G Technology

In the future our cities will be more automated and connected. Toyota announced plans to build a smart city called ‘Woven City’. Powered by hydrogen fuel cells, The smart city is designed to test autonomous driving and other technologies. Woven City will be home to 2,000 residents and researchers, working together to discover and test smart city technology and application. These cities of the future will most likely be developed with 5G networks built within the infrastructure well in advance. 

IoT is the Major GameChanger of 2019

With 5G technology offering consumers the ability to connect quicker to the internet, IoT is set to continue it’s massive growth in 2020 with new IoT devices. 5G does comes with security concerns that have stunted some of the growth around 5G and IoT. Regardless, there is endless possiblities for IoT innovation in the future. driverless cars, smart watches and pacemakers connected thermostats, security cameras, door-locks, and even connected kitchen appliances

What to Expect From 5G in 2020

Expect mobile carriers to continue their 5g roll out across the nation. Vehicle to vehicle communication will hopefully become a thing in late 2020. The Lenovo Yoga 5G came to CES to impress and I believe we will see some great things from PC and Apple in 2020 or possibly 2021. 


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