Foodies 2020 Guide to the Holidays

The holidays come once a year and are a time to be treasured. It is the season when we should take precious opportunities we have to enjoy the people and moments that make us happy. For many of us foodies this means culinary celebrations of the highest order and as the saying goes eat, drink, and be merry. Us foodies come in all shapes and sizes and all of us differ in what we classify as a favorite snack or full on holiday cuisine. Some of go for sweet, others love the cheese and some share new holiday Vegan treats. There is one thing we can all agree on and that is the holidays are all about tasty temptations!

We have for you some incredible holiday gift sets from our Utah favorites below plus explore the deals going on throughout December. Go ahead a give the gift of flavor this holiday season and check out our favorite food-centric gifts right here in Utah!

Local Utah Foodie Choices for the Holidays

  • Beehive Cheese
  • Butcher’s Bunches
  • The Chocolate Conspiracy
  • Amano Chocolate
  • Creminelli Fine Meats
  • Elden Foods Honey
  • Western Nut Company

Beehive Cheese + Creminelli  Fine Meats

A holiday cheese board with Beehive cheese and Creminelli Fine meats is traditionally a fantastic combination to kick off a holiday dinner party. This year Holiday dinner parties will be scaled down so let’s take some time to enjoy the holiday cheese board we create for everyone else ourselves. You can build out your cheese board with some Western Nut Company holiday mix and fresh veggies, bread and crackers.

Did you know there are more than 1,800 different types of cheese in the world? For the holidays we recommend sticking to a gouda, cheddar, brie, and throw in some other great combos with it like Swiss.

Truly Explore Jams and Preserves this Year

We love holiday jams and no we are not talking about Johnny Mathis! We’re talking about the tasty sweet deliciousness that comes from nature’s candy. Fruit! When we think of must have jams for the holidays, my mind goes to blueberries, raspberries, and my personal favorite is lemon. The sweet, delicious flavor in Butcher’s Bunches flavors come in all sorts of varieties.

Butcher’s Bunches has some great Holiday Gift Sets as well and just in time for the holiday season. Butcher’s Bunches handcrafted Preserves are based out of Logan, and they spread their tasty cheer throughout the State of Utah.

The Chocolate Conspiracy Holiday

Just in time for the holiday, The Chocolate Conspiracy drops some holiday spirit in the form of Utah’s top chocolate bar. They produce their chocolate from bean to bar, in tiny batches. If haven’t rolled over to their website yet and took a gander, you might want to do so now.

Some Trader Joe’s Holiday Tasty Temptations

You got to love Trader Joe’s delicious holiday cookies and other deserts. And make sure to pick up Trader Joe’s MUST HAVES – –  Advent calendar and the Gingerbread Decorating Kit – – while you are in.

  • TJ’s Peppermint Bark Popcorn
  • Candy Cane Joe Joe’s
  • Trader Joe’s Dark Hot Chocolate Sticks
  • Almond Nog
  • Cranberry Chevre
  • Panettone
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