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Fashion in 2023 and our love for the next in style trends such as the latest with Women’s Dresses and our favorite cocktail/party dresses, formal dresses and the must have maxi, midi, mini dresses. And the shops online selling women’s dresses. 

The best party dresses from Zara, Nordstrom, Fashion Nova and  Fashion trends and classic styles with Style Utah and our dive into the world of celebrity, with the latest news from the pop culture icons of today. Explore our favorite styles and looks for Winter season heading into Spring and find out what is coming up next with the world of fashion. Spring Fashion Trends for 2023 with Style Utah and the shopping sales you don’t want to miss with our women’s style guide for Spring and Summer 2023. ,and the great festivals and concerts taking place you don’t want to miss.

How much is a cocktail dress?

Cocktail dresses can very greatly in price. A cheap cocktail dress can be had brand new for as little as $30.00 on sale and can run as high as $500.00. The versatile design of a cocktail dress as a semi-formal dress intended to be worn to late-afternoon or early-evening social gatherings, events, or occasions makes the price vesatile by nature as well.